Monday, June 25, 2018

The Orchard collection finishes

Suggested finishes for the Orchard Collection:

Table Runner

Table center piece and single placemat decorations.



Citrus collection

The Banner

How to make a banner.

What you will need:
 (all available at you home improvement store)
Firing strip 1 1/2" x 3/4" x length needed?
2 part epoxy
Command strips for hanging heavy frames
measuring tape
screw driver
office stapler
2 part magnets (I used nine, available in my Etsy shop)
wool backing
finished punches

close up of Epoxy and command strips.


Lay your finished pieces together so you can measure the amount of wool needed for the backing of the banner. Cut your wool to appropriate size. Sew your finished punches to the wool backing using a whip stitch. Since the edge of the punches are punched with a black border. I was able to use a sharpie marker to cover any white weavers cloth that was showing on the edge. This gives it a completed look. I then added the magnets every seven inches to keep the banner straight when mounted. My magnets available in the shop are able to be stitched at the four corners.

1). Lay your finished punch banner on a flat surface. 
2). Measure & cut your firing strip to the length needed. 

To achieve the appropriate placement of the magnets.  
3). Place the finished punch banner on top of the cut firing strip. 
4). Add the second part of the magnet to the finished punch needle banner. 
You will see that the magnets have  a little nib on the wrong side. 
5). Press with your fingers on the top of the punch where the magnet is. 
It will leave a little indent in the wood where the nib is. 
This assures that the magnet is in the proper place.
6). Using a screw driver and hammer, punch a indent in the wood only for the nib. 
check to make sure the magnet is flush with the wood.
7). Using your epoxy glue, mix according to direction. 
8). Add the glue to the nib side of the magnet. 
Press so that the magnet is flush with the wood. 
Repeat for all the magnets across the firing strip.

Add one side of the Command strips to the back of the firing strip.
 Use a common office stapler punch three staples into the command strip for added security.

Place the 2nd side of the command strip onto the 1st side of the command strip attached to the wood.
Peel the glue protector and place where would like it on the wall.
press firmly. gently remove the firing strip. this will place the wall side of the firing strip in the appropriate area on the wall. Wait the allotted amount of time for the glue to adhere. 

Press your firing strip to the command strips on the wall. 
Your board is now mounted and ready for your banner.

If you have any questions please comment below. I will try and answer quickly.

Enjoy Kate.